Managed the installation of a wide area Mobile Radio Repeater Network that greatly improved the
command and control capabilities of the Afghan Uniform Police Forces.

Planned and engineered an intercontinental Broadband Network between Europe and the Middle East that
resulted in improved quality of service, user’s experience, and a cost saving of $ .5 million dollars per year.

Managed an IT Portfolio consisting of two (2) Enterprise Collaboration programs, six (6) Web Portal
Acceleration Projects, and annual budget of $3 million dollars in support of USCENTCOM J6, MacDill AFB,
FL.; integrated project management best practices that improved the organization’s Program Lifecycle
Management process.

Provided Network Operation Services to the DISA Central Field Command; responsible operational
planning, producing monthly network reliable reports and analysis, status reporting to senior staff, and
management of the IT Quality Assurance (QA) program.

Planned and managed the integration five (5) Akamai Technologies Web Content Acceleration Nodes in
Africa, and the Middle East that improved the delivery of information to Department of Defense users

Planned and managed the rapid deployment of IT systems in support of USCENTCOM, USEUCOM,
USSOCOM, and USSOUTHCOM, during three (3) Contingency Operations, and seven (7) Joint Training

Planned and manage the deployment of personnel and equipment in support of two (2) Humanitarian
Operations and one (1) Noncombatant Evacuation and Repatriation Operations (NEO) in Central America,
and the Middle East in support of US Department of State and Department of Defense.

Managed IT Facilities in Germany, Panama, and Saudi Arabia in support of US Army Information Systems
Engineering Command (USAISEC), and DISA with a combined estimated valued of $50 million